Welcome New Vasudha Students!


We are pleased to welcome a new cohort of students to the Vasudha living and learning community!  This year’s 44 incoming students will join a much larger cohort of undergraduate students and alumni that have been a part of the program over the last eight years, many of whom have continued their involvement. This year’s group includes a diversity of students from across academic disciplines, across the United States and across the world. We anticipate that each of them will bring incredible insights, ideas and skills to bear in our experiences together over the course of the next year and years to come.

We would also like to welcome back the R.A. for Nason Residence Hall, who will once again be Jesse Noviello!

Name First Name Last
Olivia King
Rebecca Nguyen
Aza Adam
Faith Avens
Rafael Boscan
James Buckley
Diana Edwards
Rong Fan
Yue Fang
Jordan Gans
Amanda Harrold
Sofia Jacobs
Cole Kern
Nina Kovari
Yueze Li
Anjin Lima
Pavel Lopez Haas
Shivam Midha
Donna Grace Moleta
Caleb Mwika
Lucas Notarangelo
Jesse Noviello
Raina Page
Victoria Phan
Edward Prettyman
Joy Puthawala
Tianyi Qiao
Amoha Ramanath
Zachary Ravichandran
Harwant Sethi
Xing Tong
Erica Uhler
Caitlin Vinopal
Maria Vollas
Victoria Walker
Zhiyu Zou
Fabian Andres Zourelli

If you have any questions, please email the Program Coordinator Laura Rabinow: rabinl2@rpi.edu